Vision Fact: 

see through my eyes

70% is the unemployment  rate for people who are blind

Vision Fact: 

see through my eyes

23.7 million Americans report experiencing vision loss

With your help we will continue to be a resource for over 2,500 people each year who have visual impairments and other physical challenges, as they work to achieve their highest level of independence.

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Here are a few of our clients who are sharing how Olmsted Center for Sight has helped them!

We would like to introduce to you to Melissa

Melissa led a life that was fulfilling and full of purpose before losing her sight. The mother of two and wife of a pastor, Melissa worked as a registered nurse. At age 45 she contracted Meningitis from a patient and was admitted to the hospital. The meningitis caused her optic nerves to deteriorate and within one week she was totally blind in both eyes. It didn’t take long before Melissa was filled with despair. “I felt completely useless”, she said. “I couldn’t walk to the kitchen, I couldn’t pour a glass of water, I couldn’t even make my bed. Every menial task became a huge obstacle.” But soon Melissa would find OCS and get the help she so desperately needed. Olmsted’s vision rehab staff taught her how to complete life’s daily tasks without the use of her sight. Little chores like changing the bed sheets or cooking a meal went from being impossibly difficult to completely manageable. The Olmsted staff helped Melissa understand that her vision loss wasn’t the end of her life, but the start of a new journey. Today, Melissa is just as driven as ever. She’s active in the community, involved at her church, and volunteers with local charities. “I’m here and I’m alive. Thanks to Olmsted, there’s purpose in my life.”

We would like you to meet Shihab


Shihab Saleh was born in Yemen, where blue eyes are extremely rare and thought to be a defect. Shihab happened to be one of those rare blue-eyed children and unnecessary surgery at age four left him incurably blind in his right eye. Further complications from the surgery, including glaucoma and retinal detachment left him blind in his left eye as well. After moving to the US, Shihab came to the Olmsted Center in 1998. With the help of our Mobility Specialists Shihab learned white cane travel, which gave him the ability to navigate safely beyond his home and into the neighborhood. This new level of independence empowered Shihab to find employment running a snack shop in Binghamton, NY. In 2016 Shihab moved his wife and four children back to Buffalo and obtained employment as a highly productive employee in the OCS Manufacturing Department. Steady, competitive employment gave Shihab the means to purchase a house for his family! “Olmsted has given me life”, says Shihab. “It was awful just sitting at home, I like working. Because of Olmsted I can work hard to support my family.”



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Your donations help the over 2,500 people we serve every year, including blind children
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