Vision Clinic

If you or someone you know is experiencing vision impairment due to Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, stroke or sudden trauma, or if pharmaceuticals, surgery or lenses are no longer beneficial, the low vision clinic within the Olmsted Center for Sight may be able to assist in maximizing remaining vision, resulting in increased independence and/or quality of life.

Optical devices including special lenses, magnifiers, telescopes and assistive technology are often found to be beneficial in enhancing one’s remaining vision.

Living with low vision doesn’t have to mean a diminished quality of life. We teach you how to make the best use of your remaining sight so you can accomplish nearly everything you did before vision loss–just in a different way.

A Comprehensive Vision Evaluation is provided by the Center’s Certified Low Vision Optometrist to assess the patient’s functional/remaining sight. Any recommended optometric devices are demonstrated by our trained staff to ensure proper usage and maximize their efficiency.  Many times the use of these devices alone is sufficient in assisting with maximizing our client’s independence in daily living skills.

We accept most major insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid.

Clinic hours are Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am-4:30 pm.

To make an appointment at one of our locations please call: (716)-888-4556.

Offices Locations:

Main Campus/Downtown Buffalo 

1170 Main Street
Buffalo, NY  14209


1491 Sheridan Drive, Suite 600
Tonawanda, NY  14217


3712 Southwestern Blvd

Orchard Park, NY 14127