preschool for the blind and visually impaired

Olmsted Early Education Program is a unique program for children with visual impairments and
other disabilities. We offer services in our integrated and center-based classrooms as well as in the
community. Children with visual impairments learn about the world in other ways than watching. The
Olmsted Early Education Program is a special place where children with visual impairments and other
disabilities can learn and grow – by listening, touching and trusting.

Children with disabilities have special needs. Parents also need support and answers to their many
questions. Olmsted Early Education Program can meet all of these needs by offering a full range of
services for children, birth through age five. At Olmsted Center, we’re committed to helping children see
the world in a whole new way.

Specialized instruction in a child’s home and/or classroom

Early Intervention Core Evaluations

CPSE initial evaluations

Supplemental evaluations

Full education and vision assessments

Vision Services

Orientation and mobility training

Occupational and physical therapy

Speech and language therapy

Psychological evaluations

Sensory Integration Room

On-site nursing care

Parent group


The Olmsted Early Education Program (EEP) is designed to maximize each and every student’s potential
to give the very best chance to succeed in school and in life. Our caring, professional staff members are
trained, certified and licensed in their fields. The Olmsted Early Education Program is located at 700
Sweet Home Road in Amherst, NY and shares the facility with the Temple Beth Zion and Kidsabilities, an
onsite daycare. Kidsabilities and Olmsted integrate classes so there is a blend of students with special
needs and “typical kids”. EEP is funded by the NYS Department of Education, the NYS Department of
Health and the student’s county of residence. There is no charge for tuition or transportation to eligible

Telephone: 716-836-7556
Fax: 716-837-2829