Senior Vision Services

Are you or someone you know having difficulty reading their mail, setting the thermostat, dialing the phone or identifying medications?

We provide one-on-one interaction with our clients to help them overcome the fears and challenges that a visual impairment can cause.

Our program is staffed with professionals trained in working with seniors experiencing vision loss.

Qualifications for the program:

   Erie County Resident

   60 years of age or older

   Vision impairment


Senior women at a CCTV

Our FREE home based assessments, in conjunction with our low vision services provided by our clinical staff, may significantly improve the quality of life as well as increase and/or maintains the independence of seniors.

By simply placing a tactile marking on your appliances,

you now feel more confident knowing your settings are accurate.

Many of our clients have benefited from utilizing other available resources including:

  •    Talking Books

  •    Radio Reading Service

  •    Free Directory Assistance and Dial Operator Privileges

  •    Handicapped Parking Permits

  •    Large Print Thermostats for National Fuel Customers

For more information on these and other services, please call 716-882-1025

Senior Vision Services receives funding from the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County