Senior Vision Services

Are you or someone you know having difficulty reading their mail, setting the thermostat, dialing the phone or identifying medications?

We provide one-on-one interaction with our clients to help them overcome the fears and challenges that a visual impairment can cause.

Our program is staffed with registered nurses specifically trained in working with seniors experiencing vision loss.

Qualifications for the program:

  •    Erie County Resident
  •    60 years of age or older
  •    Vision impairment

Our FREE home based assessments, in conjunction with our low vision services provided by our clinical staff, may significantly improve the quality of life as well as increase and/or maintains the independence of seniors.

By simply placing a tactile marking on your appliances, you now feel more confident knowing your settings are accurate.

Many of our clients have benefitted from utilizing other available resources including:

  •    Talking Books
  •    Radio Reading Service
  •    Free Directory Assistance and Dial Operator Privileges
  •    Handicapped Parking Permits
  •    Large Print Thermostats for National Fuel Customers

For more information on these and other services, please call 716-882-1025

Senior Vision Services receives funding from the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County