Blind Simulation presentation

What is the purpose?blindfolded cane travel

With vision loss effecting over 27 million people in the United States Olmsted Center for Sight makes it our mission to help inform and educate the public about how people who are blind and visually impaired have the ability to live and work independently and successfully.

This blind simulation experience helps educate and increase diversity awareness in the work place and also shows the capability of people with all different abilities by giving others an interactive glimpse into the life of someone who lives their life day to day without the use of their vision.

why host a Blind Simulation  at your office or school?

In addition to raising awareness about OCS and the challenges faced by blind and visually impaired individuals, these simulations are a fun hands-on interaction and great for a team-building experience and to also increase your staff or students knowledge about diversity in the workplace; how to interact with individuals who have different accommodations and needs; and for fostering a more empathetic and welcoming workplace/classroom/etc.

Blindfolded Cane Travel
Blindfolded Cane Travel


Blindfolded Water Pour
Blindfolded Water Pour


How does it work?

  • You can have  15 to 60 participants

  • Olmsted Center for Sight Staff will facilitate the simulation

  • Participants will be blindfolded and perform a variety of tasks

  • Simulation Stations

    • Blind Folded Water Pour
    • JAWS Demo
    • Cane Travel
    • Eye Disease Simulation
  • The presentation and simulation takes approximately one hour total


  • Increase awareness about diversity in the workforce

  • Increase awareness of the skills of people who are blind and visually impaired.

  • Debrief discussion to allow participants to share thoughts

  • Great team-building experience.

  • Encourages people to advocate, volunteer and give back to our community.

    JAWS Demo
    JAWS Demo

Beginning the planning process:

  • Olmsted Center for Sight can host the simulation at your workplace or school.

  • A point person should be assigned by the organization requesting the simulation to plan logistics with Olmsted Staff.

  • The requesting organization will provide a room/location, 5 tables and enough chairs to accommodate the number of participants.

  • If the requesting organization has a projector and screen that is helpful for the first part of the presentation.

  • A hallway or part of the room (if large enough) will be used for the cane travel portion.

Ready to plan a Blind Simulation?

Contact us to discuss the logistics and set up the date!

Renee DiFlavio

Senior Vice President Olmsted Center for Sight


Brooke Kibrick

Marketing and Events Coordinator


          There is an administration fee to cover the cost of the program.



1-15 people


16-30 people


31+ people*


*more than 31 people may raise fee