Breaking Down Employment Barriers (BEB)

If you are a business looking to hire for entry-level telecommunication and customer service positions, but are struggling to find competent employees who will stay on the job and increase productivity, Olmsted Center can help.



Olmsted Center for Sight, a leading regional provider of training and services for the blind and visually impaired for more than 100 years, is closing the workforce gap with its new Breaking Down Employment Barriers initiative. BEB shows businesses how easy it is to hire the blind and visually impaired and how valuable the pool of underutilized labor can be to your bottom line.

At Olmsted, we don’t just dispel myths about employees with disabilities, we train the blind and visually impaired for in-demand telecommunications and customer service positions, and know our graduates perform computer-based jobs as well as their sighted counterparts, or even better.

Employers who seek-low absenteeism, low attrition, federal compliance, workforce growth, and diversification should learn the benefits people with visual impairments bring to the table.

If you want to impact your bottom line in a positive way.

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Features of a BEB session:

  • FREE one-hour session that demonstrates how a blind or visually impaired employee uses technology to complete required computer-based tasks faster than a sighted peer
  • Online or onsite sessions to showcase the ease and benefits of hiring from an underutilized population
  • Q&A to answer the hows, whys and whats most hiring managers want to know

If you are ready to stimulate business growth, increase your bottom line, and solve your workforce hiring issues contact us today!