FAQ: Accessibility Services



  • Why does OCS offer accessibility related services?

The primary mission of the Olmsted Center for sight is to help individuals who are blind or visually impaired achieve their highest level of independence. If web developers don’t create accessible content, individuals who are blind, visually impaired, or otherwise disabled are denied access to employment, education, recreation, and independent living opportunities. In addition, private companies, government agencies, organizations, and colleges risk potential litigation and may miss opportunities to serve a substantial market segment.
  • What is the difference between accessibility and usability?

There is a fine line between accessibility and usability. Technically, a site can be considered accessible, but still difficult to use. Accessibility means that all interactive elements (such as menus, links, buttons, form fields, etc.) can be accessed without the use of a mouse. Usability means that all site functionality is logically organized and can be completed in a reasonable amount of time with an average skill level. Both are important success criteria for your web content to be equally accessible to everyone.
  • What does it cost to hire the OCS’ Accessibility Services team?

Each project has a unique set of objectives and deliverable’s. We will always recommend what we believe is the best strategy to achieve your goals and work within your budget. The project scope, specific mix of staff, and the total amount of time required all play an important role in determining the final cost for our services.
  • Where do the sessions take place?

These sessions take place at the Olmsted Center for Sight building located at 1170 Main Street, Buffalo New York, 14214.
  • Who will perform the accessibility evaluations and user testing if they hire the OCS’ Accessibility Services team?

We have a team of skilled User Testers to conduct and perform audits. Many of our staff are blind, vision impaired or otherwise disabled which makes the Olmsted Center for Sight unique amongst our competitors.
  • How soon can you begin work, and how long will it take to complete the project?

The time it takes to complete a project is based on the project’s complexity and available resources. We strive to begin all projects in a timely manner in order to meet your project timeline.