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New Video!

Take a look and a listen to our new video featuring some of our clients and employees  who are blind/visually impaired and hear their stories about vision loss and how Olmsted Center for Sight has helped them.

Video Produced by Lemur Studios

December 4th 2017

My Cause My Cleats: Tyrod Taylor

During the NFL season players wear their hearts on their feet in Week 13 when they showcase cleats representing charities of their choosing. Tyrod Taylor has supported Olmsted Center for Sight for the past 2 years thru My Cause My Cleats and we are thrilled to have him as a supporter of our work in helping blind and visually impaired children and adults.

Post on

Image of Tyrods Helmet and the cleats with the Olmsted Logo…his cousin Anthony’s initials (ANT) and braille dots.

Twitter Post by Bose and Tyrod:

Photo of the cleats and his custom made headphone by BOSE

“ Proud to rock these custom headphones to support the Olmsted Center for Sight”

My Cause My Cleats post:

From Tyrod “ I got invloved with the Olmsted Center for Sight because my cousin Anthony lots hiseyesight in high school.I want to support the visually impaired and let those affected know not to get discourgaed and to stay strong”

 OcWIVB Channel 4 News Story 

Two marathoners meet up, sharing stories about continuing to run despite obstacles

April 2017   WNY Family Magazine 

Focusing on Visual Impairment in Children

December 2016

NFTA Bus Ad Featuring Olmsted Center for sight Employee

“I get on the bus, go to work, just like you would in a car” Ray Zylinski- Assistive Technology Instructor at the Olmsted Center for Sight and 100 percent visually impaired. NFTA Metro

WIVB News Channel 4 News Story

Special guest inspires at Olmsted Center for Sight

May 10, 2016  Buffalo Healthy Living  

Overcoming the Odds at Olmsted Center for Sight

 WIVB News Channel 4 News

American Braille gets its first makeover in more than 80 years



Videos 〉〉

Carl, Daniel, and Charlotte share their stories on how Olmsted has impacted their lives.

 This video features a few of our clients that have been helped tremendously by the people who work for us and by services we offer at the Olmsted Center for Sight.
Learn more about the Statler Center a program of the Olmsted Center for Sight that instructs physically disabled, blind or visually impaired individuals with career based skills needed to achieve competitive wage career employment.
Our TV commercial shows the variety of people we can help who are experiencing  vision loss.

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Statler Newsletter Volume 7 No 1

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