*Unless noted otherwise, these courses are available both as in-house and online offerings with rolling admissions entrance

Professional Career Development

  • Online 
  • 24 sessions
  • 72 instructional hours
  • 12 days

The purpose of this course is to give participants a foundation for vocational goal development and career management skills. This course is designed to help participants determine the skills and talents that they currently possess and how to use them to identify career fields of interest. The course develops techniques that revolve around developing a career path, personal branding and building a portfolio. A portion of this course is also dedicated to developing internet navigation skills.


Customer Service Skills

  • In-house and Online
  • 66 instructional hours
  • 11 days
  • 72 instructional hours
  • 12 days ( online)

This class is specifically designed to be a transferable skills course to develop excellent customer-centered skills in any venue where direct customer service interaction will occur. Good customer service skills are a necessity in maintaining business relations and a vital soft skill that employers prioritize in hiring. The skills learned in this class are standards of customer service, complaint resolution, positive customer care, communication, telephone etiquette, active listening, and note-taking. Participants will additionally learn several CRM software systems widely used in managing customer contacts.

Computer Skills Reinforcement

  • Online 
  • 25 sessions
  • 75 instructional hours
  • 12.5 days

This class is meant to offer reinforcement skills training in the intermediate–level computer and Microsoft Office based tasks. It serves participants who have had technology training on MSO in the past but may need a refresher prior to moving forward to vocational goals. It is also used for students who may have completed prerequisite courses at OCS in computers but would benefit from additional instructional time to increase employment opportunities.

Hospitality and Customer Service Skills Training

  • In-house and Online
  • 20.5 days
  • 123 instructional hours
  • 34 sessions (online)
  • 102 hours (online)
  • 17 days (online)

This course combines customer service skills with an in-depth look at the lodging industry including employment positions, use of industry CRM software and establishing an online profile in various job search engines such as Career Connect and Job Zone. This course is designed to prepare participants for employment in the the hospitality industry, but is amended from the traditional hospitality classes to incorporate more customer service skills, department-based exploration of a venue including experiential/on-site tours and guest lectures and training on three commonly used CRMs. Participants will be ready for placement services in the Hospitality industry upon completion.

Office Software and Communication Skills

  • In-house and Online
  • 29 instructional days
  • 175 hours
  • 90 sessions (online)
  • 270 hours (online)
  • 45 days (online)

Listening to participant feedback from our former Business Fundamentals course, this class aims to prepare participants for employment from instruction in transferable skills focusing on basic-intermediate level computer skills in Microsoft Office’s Outlook, Word and Excel. Students also study professional career development and career management, math refresher skills, business writing and employment document generation, interviewing, and professional networking skills including professional job searching profiles online. The computer skills instructional time has been increased due to prior student response and other items previously taught have been moved into new customer service courses.

Computer Usage and Software Basics

  • In-house 
  • 16 instructional days
  • 4 hours per day
  • 64 instructional hours

By request of community partners, this course is designed to offer training in foundational computer skills for two main participant groups. One, participants who have identified a final vocational goal that will require intermediate or advanced level computer skills but do not yet have a skill level that would allow them to enter directly into advanced training,or two, participants who are not interested in more advanced computer skills training, but who still need some basic computer knowledge for their desired entry-level employment.

Upon completion of this course, it is anticipated that students would be prepared to meet the more advanced technical training offered in Office Software and Communication Skills and would be eligible to apply for that program.


  • In-house and Online
  • 19 days
  • 120 instructional hours
  • 30 sessions (online)
  • 15 days (online)
  • 90 instructional hours (online)

This course trains participants for employment as CSR agents in a variety of positions for both call centers and contact centers. This course utilizes a hands-on training approach including live inbound/outbound call exercises. Students will receive instruction in contact center concepts, including the various types of employment available, technical skills training, software usage, customer service delivery, quality assurance, conflict resolution, guest speakers and establishment of online professional profiles for job searching. The online program also utilizes live web-based instruction.

General Transcription Pilot*

  • Online 
  • six week course offering
  • 180 instructional hours

This *tuition free pilot offering  is a six-week, six hour a day online course being held  July-August 2019 to participants seeking training as general transcriptionists. This demand field of occupation offers a flexible work schedule and remote employment opportunities for successful graduates.

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