Olmsted Center for Sight Wall of Reflection

The Wall of Reflection is a special gift campaign created by the Olmsted Center for Sight to help fund our mission of assisting the blind, visually impaired and physically disables lead productive and independent lives.

These custom-designed and personalized metallic tiles will display your support of the Olmsted Center and become an integral part of the interior design of our lobby at our Main Street location.

Your gift will be part of the vision that we all share together.

Reflection of Dignity



Reflection of Independence



Reflection of Productivity



Reflection of Inspiration



Reflection of Friendship



Each Tile is 6″ by 6″ and can be engraved with your personal message and/or name.

To learn more about purchasing a tile please call or email Renee DiFalvio:

Phone: 716-888-4627

Email: rdiflavio@olmstedcenter.org